Corcova Roy & Dâmboviceanu wines are created in such a way as to render the expression of the terroir as accurate as possible. The vineyards, carefully cared for and supervised, produce grapes whose identity is preserved in the wines produced and aged in the winery. Subsequently, through the care of the oenologist, they are paired to enrich and reveal each other’s qualities.

Jirov wines, also from Corcova

The range of Jirov wines comes from the same vineyard. The name of the Jirov range is closely related to its origin, as it is borrowed from the village on the hills on which the vineyards are located. More specifically, the village of Jirov in the commune of Corcova, Mehedinți county.

The Team


Michel Roy

Michel Roy traveled extensively in Romania. He had the time to understand the Romanian soul and to make the decision to invest in a business.

In 2005, along with Serban Dâmboviceanu, Michel Roy decided to start a wine business. Passionate about this field and aware of the potential of the Romanian lands, Michel Roy set out to bring to life places that once produced wines known in Paris and which were now abandoned, in ruins.


Șerban Dâmboviceanu

For Serban, Corcova Roy & Dâmboviceanu is not a business, but much more. At the age of 18, he left for Strasbourg to study law. There, he discovered his passion for wine and began his journey back to Corcova.

Returning to Romania, this passion was naturally combined with the confidence in the Romanian vineyards. Thus, began the search for the place where there were as many characteristics as possible for a quality wine: the vineyards and wineries in Corcova.

The history, the influence of the intellectual aristocracy of the past and Bibescu’s love for these places still have an imprint and made Șerban to turn a business into a soul project to show the world how valuable Romanian wines can be.

Nothing was done by chance.

Sustainability means paying attention to every detail