Corcova Vineyard

"I was always convinced of Romania's wine-growing potential and I often regretted that Romanian wines are not known abroad. My intention is to make an excellent Romanian wine."

Through Corcova, Serban wants to build something long-lasting, something to leave behind and that speaks for itself about the values of these lands to those who will follow. His goal is to shape both present and future for this place and its people, by producing the Corcova wine, which bears the sap of past in its structure. Now, they can find a stable work place at Corcova Roy & Damboviceanu, in an environment where one can find a culture of honesty, dedication to work and passion for the ideal of perfection.

For Serban, Corcova Roy & Damboviceanu is not just a business, but so much more. When he was 18 years old, he left for Strasbourg to study Law and to learn about the democratic society system. He did this for the following ten years by means of study and work and, during all this time, he discovered his passion for wine. Strasbourg is where Serban started his journey back to Corcova.

After coming back to Romania, this passion became naturally intertwined with the trust in Romanian vineyards. This is how the search began for a place reuniting most features required for a quality wine. He came a long way, visiting vineyards from East, to South, to South-West and finally reaching the wines and cellars of Corcova in 2005, following the recommendation of Mr. Aurel Popa, Univ. Prof., PhD, from University of Horticulture in Craiova and of Mr. Alexandru Ghica.

The history of this place, the influence of the intellectual aristocracy of the time and especially Bibescu's love for these lands still reverberate today and have determined Serban to turn a business into a project close to his heart by means of which he can demonstrate to the world how valuable Romanian wines can be.