Corcova Vineyard

Helping Corcova regain its name and the people resume their jobs meant more for Michel Roy than going for a fast and sure profit.

Gradually, at the same time with market surveys, visits to the most important cities of the country and talks with authorities, Michel Roy became attached to the people and places he encountered. Thus, although the plans of the French group were not finalized, Michel Roy had spent the time required in order to understand the Romanian spirit and the decision to invest in a business here was a natural result.

In 2005, along with Serban Damboviceanu, Michel Roy decided to start a business in the wine-growing field - vine and cellar. Passionate with this field and aware of the potential of Romanian land, Michel Roy intended to bring back to life places that used to produce wines well-known in Paris and which were now left in ruin. Although the people had worked in those vineyards, sometimes entire families were contemplating powerless the degradation of lands and buildings and most of them had yet to find a new job.

The timing was not in favour of such an investment, taking into account the context of the international wine market. Large productions of wines, with increasing quality, coming from The New World (South America, Australia, South Africa, New Zeeland) threatened the European wine. In fact, many French producers decided to clear the land of vineyards due to low profitability.

The decision to invest in Romanian agriculture was not the consequence of going after the quick profit. Of course, any entrepreneur wants it, but in this project this did not represent an essential element.